Set of 10 mixed chisels by Masayoshi


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CONDITIONS: used, restored to usable conditions, no major rust, beautiful patina, some light pitting, URA is present and in good conditions

BRAND: Masayoshi

BLACKSMITH: Yunosuke Kato

TYPE: oire nomi bench chisels, sotomaru gouge

HANDLE: Rosewood and ebony

STEEL: carbon steel

URA: kuro single

SIZE: oire nomi 3mm x2, 6mm X2, 9, 12, 15, 30 and 42mm blades between 185 and 245mm long, sotomaru 15mm blade 225mm long.

NOTE: this set belonged to a Japanese carpenter now passed away. It arrived as a lot of all the tools belonging to the same craftsman. From my own collection. They were forged by Yunosuke Kato 1st generation Masayoshi who was born in 1891 and forged for 37 years before he died due to cerebral thromboses. He was known as the number one in Tokyo. When every other blacksmith moved to machines, Masayoshi was the only one who kept doing all the work by hand. It is unknown who was the master who trained him, but his chisels were more valuable than Ichihiro’s and any other blacksmith. He was famous for his mukomachi chisels and very respected amongst craftsmen. He only ever trained one blacksmith, possibly because of his short temper. Akio Yuzawa, who became his apprentice at the age of 16 and succeeded him as 2nd generation Masayoshi, only traded for a very short period of time. 1st generation Masayoshi tools have always been a rare find and the very few new old stock are in museum and very expensive private collections. To find a small selection of his tools used but still in good conditions and it’s a very rare thing and it will only be more difficult. I have treasured and looked after these chisels for a few years now and it’s now time to let them go. I hope the new owner will appreciate them for what they really are and as much as I have and they deserve.

They will come in a bespoke oak and cedar tray.

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