70mm kanna Kawasaki carbon steel

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BRAND: Moonshine

BLACKSMITH: Tsunesaburo

TYPE: Hira kanna finishing plane

DAI/SHOE: white oak, preconditioned

STEEL: Kawasaki carbon steel, produced in the 1950s and no longer produced. It has the same characteristics as white steel, but it allows for greater sharpeness. Easy to sharpen, ideal for softwood but it can be used for medium hardwoods

URA: kuro single

SIZE: blade 70mm wide, 115mm long

dai 290x91mm

NOTE: this is a limited series custom made for me. These kannas have not been forged for decades and very little of the steel is left. The jigane is old wrought iron, the moon symbol was ground to shape then forged into the blade. These kannas have a serial number. I only have two as I had some extra made when I ordered them. Price is a little higher than preorder as to be expected. These kannas are ready to be shipped to you. No waiting time. They come in a paper box. Just two available and when they are gone, they are gone

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 15 × 15 cm

3 reviews for 70mm kanna Kawasaki carbon steel

  1. Glenn Hinton

    Just received delivery of my “moon” Kanna the rare Kawasaki carbon steel is so beautifully forged , its amazing on Oak leaving a shimmering finish , truly a work of Art … already my favourite Kanna ,

  2. Michael king

    I recently purchased a moon Kanna from Enrico. The delivery was fast and the item was very well protected. It’s great quality and I can’t wait to use it! It’s an absolute beauty and by the far my favourite tool in my cabinet

  3. Thom Kinzel

    A stunning Kanna! It’s easy to sharpen and doesn’t need much work to set up. The dai is of very good quality, with tsutsumi that is very well fitted to the blade already. The Kawasaki steel reaches a sharpness way above my white steel no. 1 plane and holds the edge for a long time, no matter if soft or hard wood (European hard woods). This Kanna has already become my favorite finishing plane.

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