15mm sotomaru nomi by Kiyotada


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CONDITIONS: used, in the exact conditions it arrived to me from a Japanese carpenter collection, no rust, beautiful patina, the handle was replaced by the previous owner and made of rosewood, slightly longer but it retains the original ferrule and hoop.

BRAND: Kiyotada

BLACKSMITH: Kouzaboro Shimamura

TYPE: sotomaru

HANDLE: rosewood

STEEL: white steel#1 and modern soft iron

SIZE: 15mm blade, 258mm long

Kiyotada, regarded as one of the best Japanese blacksmiths and tool makers. His tools are highly sought after and as no longer produced scarce and amongst the most difficult to find. This is from my own collection. The tools made by Kiyotada are believed to have some of the most resilient and keen edge of any tool ever produced. Sadly letting this one go to fund a new project for the shop together with my son.

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