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Are you searching for sharp hand tools such as chisels for woodworking? Your search ends here. Contact The Cornish Little Nomi Shop today.

Hand Planes

At The Cornish Little Nomi Shop, we have a great selection of hand planes. Our prices are highly competitive


Whether you are looking for a saw supplier or you just need a saw sharpening service, we have got you covered.

Sharpening stones

Keep your hand tools in good condition with our high-quality sharpening stones. I can offer both manmade and natural Japanese whetstone.

Measuring and marking

If you are looking for measuring and marking out tools, I can offer a variety of tool to suit your need or even have them custom made for you!

About us

If you’re looking for a Japanese tools supplier, you’re in the right place. My name is Enrico and I have over three decades of experience in woodworking. I run my woodworking business in Cornwall UK and I started The Cornish Little Nomi Shop in 2017. I had been looking for decent quality tools at a reasonable price, just to find that most of the tools on the UK market are overpriced, low quality or just used as a market strategy by big retailers. Often buying from people who had no idea of what each tool can do, what is for, how to use it, care for it etc. I was lucky to find a friend who lives in Japan who helped me to get all the tools I needed. I decided then to help other people like me to get help finding, using and looking after the tools they were looking for. I have decided to offer a hands on approach to my business, you can contact me directly on my personal number for all your questions and orders. I am constantly adding new items to the listings. With growing sales and orders, I have learnt that many people appreciate my customer service. Based in St Austell, I am happy to deliver your order across the UK and worldwide. Shop here for a premium service today!

What’s a click away?

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  • Spare parts
  • Stone sharpening
  • Repairs and maintenance services

Long-term customer satisfaction

At The Cornish Little Nomi Shop, we offer a collection of some of the best hand tools at competitive prices. We go the extra mile to keep our stocks high so that you are not disappointed when you place your order. Feel free to get in touch with us if you prefer to order or discuss a potential purchase.

I provide detailed descriptions of my products so that you know what you’re buying and its exact usage. However, if you would still like some clarity, I am glad to help. Call me directly on

+44 7530 298 939